Lauren Best holding cupcake celebrating

ACE Voice Method is my signature voice program.

It turns 1 today.

It’s been a whole year of seeing this thing I’ve created out in the wild, interacting with human beings with unique voices, and I’m proud of the results. I’m passionate about the possibilities.

To celebrate ACE Voice, I’m offering a special bonus to anyone who signs up for my 3-month 1:1 mentorship program before the end of June: an exclusive 70 minute Voice Wellness session with me.

My clients always gain tools and awareness to better use music and voice skills to support their wellbeing. I get tons of positive feedback about those aspects of voicework. Mental health and whole-person wellbeing is near and dear to my heart, so I decided to offer this extra session just to focus on Voice Wellness.

Luxuriously paced, deliciously nourishing self-care.

Time reserved for clients to support their vocal health as they glow up their creative power, and experience the beneficial ways music soothes, restores, and revitalizes us.

(You know where to find me to learn more)

I’m honoured to do what I do. This stuff altered my trajectory and my everyday experience, that’s why I keep going and won’t shut up about it.

My client said it best: “The benefits are life altering”.

It took me years of building my own voice, my own creative clarity, my own professional practice.

15+ years of challenges, duelling with discomfort, facing fears, stumbling but never stopping because I want to create more opportunities for other people to sing and feel fulfilled by self-expression.

For over a decade I’ve been voice coaching people from all walks of life, learning from world-class facilitators and teachers, and grappling with the problems often seen in traditional music education.

A year ago, I knew it was time to call out clearly to those who are looking for someone like me, and that’s why I reopened my 1:1 voice coaching practice with Aligned Creative Embodiment as my signature method.

I hoped to describe how I worked in a way that would inspire those who dream of spirited singing, those who want to express themselves with ease, those who are driven to make impact in the world with creativity and caring.

I provide integrated support for your creative voice as it works and plays in your mind, body, and soul:

  •  to journey inwards to unlock your innate musicality and creative edge
  •  to explore new possibilities and create lasting change
  •  to connect with others through creativity- whatever that means to you, for the reasons that are important to you

It’s how I help my clients have intuitive, expansive learning that opens up creative possibilities on a journey that they love.

The results speak for themselves:

  • I see clients joyfully expressing themselves, confidently singing, growing as musicians and inspired to share.
  • I see bountiful creative processes that nourish the creator and impact the world.
  • I see my people speaking courageously in ways that inspire others, becoming more effective facilitators, practicing collaborative skills, putting their efforts into developing rewarding professional practices that impact their communities.
  • I see my clients creating strategic creative plans for themselves that are full of so much caring, so much thoughtful choice to value themselves and their dreams, value the way they touch the world and the way they steward their energy.

I’m glad I’ve stuck with it, and tended and watered this idea until it grew into something that is blooming, resounding with hope, calling out opportunity to collaboratively create a better world together.