Did you know I am a voice coach?

It means a lot for me to show up for other people’s voices, to help them become creators of new musical journeys, to support people through listening, questioning, and guidance along the way. We all need a little help staying in good humour on a lifelong path, and we can all use some feedback and guidance to help us save time and believe in our own breakthroughs.

There was a time it was hard for me to believe or understand what was vocally possible for myself, and I definitely have felt discouraged on my musical journey at times. I have had help along the way that truly has felt like an illumination of a path forward, to empower me to create results and to awaken desire for more, through renewed connection to making music and helping others.

It’s an honour to create space that helps people who seek alignment, connection to their creativity, and learning through not only our minds but through the innate wisdom of our bodies. Our ability to sing evolved before language, and when we coach we purposefully use language to engage our conscious and unconscious minds. In seeking an improvement in our singing, we also intentionally access embodied cognition. We expand our awareness and learn through experience, guided by experience.

Sing well, feel well, live well.

Come journey. Get in touch to discuss.