The reason I’m here? Your voice matters.

Podcasters, I’m talking to you. You use your voice to connect with others, but do you connect with your own voice?

Through ACE Voice for Podcasting, I guide personal development entrepeneurs to power up their voice & elevate their impact.

It’s based on what I’ve tried and tested in my own pressure-cooker performance experiences and professional practice. My approach is informed by my own search for harmonious wellbeing and strategic clarity that respects my innate intuition, embodied cognition, and cyclic wisdom.

I haven’t always felt clarity & flow when using my voice and I’ve had plenty of cringe- even frustrated tears and murky doubt about my own self-expression (and career!)

A glimpse into more about me…

I’m a mother and nature lover, living where the Pottawatomi River meets Georgian Bay.
I started my arts facilitation business in Owen Sound over 6 years ago, inspired by social enterprises and impact entrepreneurs. I’m an interdisciplinary creative interweaving years of professional community practice as a poet, musician, and composer.

I’m also a podcaster and longtime integrative voice coach!

I’m rolling out a new 1:1 program that empowers podcasters to shine with voicework and mindful creativity. I developed my signature method, ACE Voice for Podcasting, through over a decade coaching voices and facilitating creative transformation.

Right now, while I’m getting ready to open the doors to the full program, I have something special up for grabs! I’m offering a limited number of gift sessions for personal development entrepreneurs who use podcasting to connect with clients and collaborators.

This is for:

πŸ”Š coaches & mentors
πŸ”Š health & wellness practitioners
πŸ”Š people who help others with content related to mindfulness, mindset, somatics, embodiment, resilience, adaptability, etc.
πŸ”Š YOU if you feel drawn to explore the potential of podcasting and the power of your voice

This includes those who want to use their voice on podcasts and are just getting started. The full program is for people with some podcasting experience already, but these single session gifts are open to beginners. Don’t wait to claim your spot! These gift sessions are going to get scooped up.

I’d love some help spreading the word to reach more purpose-driven changework entrepreneurs. Thank you in advance!