From part one of my interview on Sounds of Encouragement podcast with Melissa Slocum.

This episode gets meta as we contemplate messaging and impact. We go deep with big questions, but also touch into real examples from our lives and actionable encouragement. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and more questions you might have about. Want to know more about creative entrepreneurship? Voice coaching? Designing for creative processes that are both strategic and authentically emergent? Navigating an arts career with a home based business and family with young children? I want to know what you want to know.

Here, I share about how I learned to make tough decisions with intuition and courage. It’s taken trial and error, and honestly healing and growth, to feel grounded and energized. I’m creating a future through both aligned generative action and also by discernment and saying no: discontinuing, disrupting, removing myself and making strategic changes to protect my energy, expand possibilities, nurture the unfolding of my success.

I talk about encouragement for creatives with non-traditional career journeys, transitions in business, life-changing healing and recovery.

I’m grateful for the platform to have these discussions and connect with other creatives. Please check out the show and follow along with Melissa’s impactful work


Part I

Part II