Just Leaves by Lauren Best

Just Leaves is coming out in June 2023! The cover reveal is here now…

Yes, you can get on the early list now to be among the first to read it (and the chance to get extra bonuses).

I am feeling amazing in this moment, finally revealing this cover. I took this photo on my birthday, during a pause in a solo bike ride. When I see it I’m back there instantly, feeling quick deep breaths fill lively lungs and the warm air of August on my cheeks. It’s from one of my favourite places to travel through.

I hope I transport my readers with some of the energy that following that path gives to me. Hopefully someone picks up the book and travels there for a brief moment, imagining feeling the dappled sunlight through the leaves and the crunch under their feet. Maybe they wonder where they’re going. Then, they open it up and start to read.

Just Leaves by Lauren Best

Thank you to Sam Blake for working with me on the book design for this project.