The documentation that I created for Kaleidoscope Music is now available in the Participatory Creative Music Hub project database. I’m thrilled to be included alongside other interesting creative community projects.

I’ve been testing the framework with  groups of children during a two year pilot, and I’ve successfully used many of the activities with adults also. The activities work particularly well with piano, and I used them with voice and ukulele as well. Most could be adapted to any instrument (or even no instruments, with only voice and body percussion). Group music lessons are wonderful ways of building not only musical skills, but creative and collaborative skills that transfer beyond musical settings. Music making is a powerful way to connect with other people, and I believe it’s essential that we introduce young people to the power of music with playfulness and curiosity.

Please feel free to share the link to this resource. I created it with the intention of musicians, educators, and parents being able to use the information for their own music-making initiatives.