Thank you for laying asleep
as I covered your room in confetti
Thank you for laying asleep, sucking on your fingers next to me
Always next to me

Thank you for putting me to sleep
Warm milk and your symphony
Thank you for putting me to sleep
Back rubs and bedtime stories

Please, warm my milk in the microwave
Please, it’s all the questions that I don’t have time or heart to say
Surely if my milk’s not warmed in the microwave,
but on the stove
That would be disastrous
Prove me wrong, disastrous

No one knows how to sing or dance anymore
They’re harder and they’re older
No one knows how to build a good fort anymore
They’re precise-er but we were whole-er

Thank you for letting me scare you,
reading the paper in the living room
And thank you for committing to paper, all of the times that I spoke too soon
I still speak too soon

Thank you for having tea,
but buttering malt bread instead for me
And thank you for answering me
Asking questions incessantly

Please, plant in spring,
the autumn bulbs are surfacing
Please, plant in spring,
when the perennials are reminiscing
Please, plant, you’re garden’s shrinking
I wonder, could you remember the words and sing to me
Prove me wrong and sing to me

No one hides dried fruit and nuts and seeds for me to find anymore
Winter is longer and colder
No one holds my hand when I jump anymore
I’m harsher but I’m bolder

Tura lura lura, tura lura lie
Tura lura lura, hush now don’t you cry
Tura lura lura, tura lura lie…

All the delight, all the sorrow,
all the comfort and the quick’ning morrow
Plays dreaming, reeling further away
Falling eastward, double feature
Sunny sets and gets bluer for you
I awoke, ready to go
Don’t stop dreaming when you wake up
Don’t stop dreaming when you wake up
Don’t stop dreaming when you wake up
I will wake up next to you