Have you heard my new podcast?

Lauren's Best podcast cover art

In my newest podcast, Lauren’s Best, I curiously consider art and life to reveal what has unlocked success in my creative journey of healing and growth. We invite listeners to join me in conversations with a fascinating mix of creators, illuminating the creative process and connecting over surprising common ground. The podcast is co-produced with Sam Blake, and I’m very proud of what we are creating.

Our first season has wrapped up after 12 episodes: 7 amazing guests, and 5 solo episodes.

We’ll be back on May 1. I’ve been speaking with more fabulous guests, and I can’t wait to share the conversations with you. There’s still time to submit your questions for solo episodes too- leave a comment on substack with your questions, or send me a DM voicenote on instagram!

Until then, check out season 1 and let us know what you think! We truly appreciate the subscriptions, ratings, and reviews- it’s a great way to support our work!

We are so grateful to our Season 1 guests. Please check them out and support their work! You can find each guest’s website and social media links in their episode show notes, linked below.

Ali Hassan
Rebecca Ogilvie
Valerie Jerome
Stephanie Keiko Kong
Sophia Lemon
Robin Radomski
Cody Caetano