Voice coaching minis at Choir Camp!

Public booking is now open for voice coaching mini sessions!

In collaboration with Choir Camp 2023, I’m offering 25 minute voice coaching sessions. These will take place July 10-14 mornings, in person at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Owen Sound.

Voice coaching mini sessionsn for one week only. Lauren Best performing poetry and music live.

Personalized support for your voice & creative practice:

  • spice up your singing
  • improve your performance skills
  • troubleshoot challenges
  • learn new tools
  • get feedback that you can implement right away, and next steps to take with you

This is a special, one-week only opportunity with sliding scale pricing. My goal is to reach as many singers as I can, so please help me spread the word about this sing-a-thon!

Lauren Best performing poetry and music live. She is holding a mic, looking at the audience.
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ACE Voice celebrates one year of impact!

Lauren Best holding cupcake celebrating

ACE Voice Method is my signature voice program.

It turns 1 today.

It’s been a whole year of seeing this thing I’ve created out in the wild, interacting with human beings with unique voices, and I’m proud of the results. I’m passionate about the possibilities.

To celebrate ACE Voice, I’m offering a special bonus to anyone who signs up for my 3-month 1:1 mentorship program before the end of June: an exclusive 70 minute Voice Wellness session with me.

My clients always gain tools and awareness to better use music and voice skills to support their wellbeing. I get tons of positive feedback about those aspects of voicework. Mental health and whole-person wellbeing is near and dear to my heart, so I decided to offer this extra session just to focus on Voice Wellness.

Luxuriously paced, deliciously nourishing self-care.

Time reserved for clients to support their vocal health as they glow up their creative power, and experience the beneficial ways music soothes, restores, and revitalizes us.

(You know where to find me to learn more)

I’m honoured to do what I do. This stuff altered my trajectory and my everyday experience, that’s why I keep going and won’t shut up about it.

My client said it best: “The benefits are life altering”.

It took me years of building my own voice, my own creative clarity, my own professional practice.

15+ years of challenges, duelling with discomfort, facing fears, stumbling but never stopping because I want to create more opportunities for other people to sing and feel fulfilled by self-expression.

For over a decade I’ve been voice coaching people from all walks of life, learning from world-class facilitators and teachers, and grappling with the problems often seen in traditional music education.

A year ago, I knew it was time to call out clearly to those who are looking for someone like me, and that’s why I reopened my 1:1 voice coaching practice with Aligned Creative Embodiment as my signature method.

I hoped to describe how I worked in a way that would inspire those who dream of spirited singing, those who want to express themselves with ease, those who are driven to make impact in the world with creativity and caring.

I provide integrated support for your creative voice as it works and plays in your mind, body, and soul:

  •  to journey inwards to unlock your innate musicality and creative edge
  •  to explore new possibilities and create lasting change
  •  to connect with others through creativity- whatever that means to you, for the reasons that are important to you

It’s how I help my clients have intuitive, expansive learning that opens up creative possibilities on a journey that they love.

The results speak for themselves:

  • I see clients joyfully expressing themselves, confidently singing, growing as musicians and inspired to share.
  • I see bountiful creative processes that nourish the creator and impact the world.
  • I see my people speaking courageously in ways that inspire others, becoming more effective facilitators, practicing collaborative skills, putting their efforts into developing rewarding professional practices that impact their communities.
  • I see my clients creating strategic creative plans for themselves that are full of so much caring, so much thoughtful choice to value themselves and their dreams, value the way they touch the world and the way they steward their energy.

I’m glad I’ve stuck with it, and tended and watered this idea until it grew into something that is blooming, resounding with hope, calling out opportunity to collaboratively create a better world together.

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Poetry book Just Leaves on Amazon top 10 bestseller lists

It’s hard to believe that I’m here.

My first book is published. This happened. This is my life. This is my gratitude. I created this. I created this opportunity. I worked and overcame, disappointed myself and kept going, found ways of getting it done and here I am.

So much has changed since I started writing the poems and imagined the book.
So many people have believed in me, generously supported me.

I paddled, I plotted, I plod, I pirouette.

and I keep going.

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Quoted in Collingwood Today

I was quoted in a recent article in Collingwood Today, talking about entrepreneurship and voice coaching at a great event put on by Georgian Bay Accelerator.

I’ve felt strongly about the benefits of music for years- anyone who knows me would say it’s something I’m passionate about. I’m also a believer in the impact of supporting creative entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world, creating connections and caring for our communities in ways that are regenerative and responsible.

I especially believe that entrepreneurs and anyone who is impact or mission driven, looking to make the world a better place, can improve their effectiveness and experience with music. In fact, I think that any professional that isn’t using music- and specifically voicework- as a part of their toolkit for wellbeing is missing out. Those who are creative as part of how they make their money can use music to become better innovators, collaborators, and creators.

We want to impress others with our rockstar vibes, do something that helps us tap into our own power, respect a journey towards self-mastery… but we don’t want to quit and fail and give up, and we don’t want it to take too much time or effort.

Music gives back to us for a lifetime, and we can compound our creative investments by inputting energy and heart. We can be strategic.

Our voice is essential to our communication, it’s a gateway to our heart and soul, it’s a cognitive challenge and nurturing practice that strengthens our mind and spirit. It’s an acrobatic movement within our bodies, innate and intimate, that allows us to build our self-awareness and self-actualization, to be able to connect with others, to raise our voices in song and rise to the occasion when it’s music making time!

Just a few of the reasons why I’m passionate about voice coaching. I get fired up about helping people who make impact, with tools and strategies for a joyful long-lived career and a thriving ecology of creative practices.

If this sounds like you want to talk to me, please get in touch!

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Just Leaves: now available!

Just Leaves is now available for purchase! Paperback and Kindle ebook editions are available to purchase, with the ebook at a special low price for a limited time. Buy Just Leaves
I’m selling signed copies, limited edition merch, and more: contact me if you’re looking for personalized books as gifts, bulk discounts for book clubs and educators.

I earn a small commission if you buy from this link: Buy Just Leaves

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Just Leaves Book Launch Poster Reveal

We celebrate Just Leaves at the Owen Sound Library on June 17 at 2pm, in collaboration with ambient music duo Lakewater.

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Music Collaboration Reveal!

Music collaboration reveal for the book launch event on June 17!

Ambient music duo Lakewater will join me to add music to the poetry I will be performing, all from Just Leaves.

2pm at the Owen Sound Library

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Kaleidoscope Music now in PCM Hub

The documentation that I created for Kaleidoscope Music is now available in the Participatory Creative Music Hub project database. I’m thrilled to be included alongside other interesting creative community projects.

I’ve been testing the framework with  groups of children during a two year pilot, and I’ve successfully used many of the activities with adults also. The activities work particularly well with piano, and I used them with voice and ukulele as well. Most could be adapted to any instrument (or even no instruments, with only voice and body percussion). Group music lessons are wonderful ways of building not only musical skills, but creative and collaborative skills that transfer beyond musical settings. Music making is a powerful way to connect with other people, and I believe it’s essential that we introduce young people to the power of music with playfulness and curiosity.

Please feel free to share the link to this resource. I created it with the intention of musicians, educators, and parents being able to use the information for their own music-making initiatives.

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Announcement: OAC Literary Creation (Works for Performance)

I’ve been taking my time to find the moment to announce this project. It’s big news for me and it’s been years in the making.

I’m honoured that I was selected to receive support from the OAC Literary Creation (Works for Performance) program, to create and record a new audio poetry collection titled Child in the Mist: (un)known influence.

I am using source text from my great-grandmother’s 1933 parenting handbook, The Child in the Midst, to create new work using erasure and cut-up poetry techniques. The final audio pieces will be released as a recording of spoken word poetry with accompanying sound art.

The project is already challenging and rewarding.

This representation of rebirth of matriarchal wisdom, through transforming text across time and generations, raises questions for me as an an interdisciplinary artist about how I engage with the creative process to uncover themes and understanding. I’m working in ways that are deeply personal and yet intertwined with so many stories beyond my own. My perspective is shifting as I find new ways to consider legacy and family history, reckon with my own identity as a creating mother in interrelation with my community, and seek to better understand my ancestors and myself through grappling with the words of a prolific and driven woman in a complex global context.

The photo to the left is an image of my great-grandmother, Lucy Winifred Bryce, with her younger sister. She was not yet Bryce but still Robinson in this photo. She was born in Japan, daughter of Canadian missionaries. People say I looked like her as a child.

If you’d like to hear more about what I’m doing, you can follow along on instagram @bylaurenbest or join my email list.

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Praise for Just Leaves from Richard-Yves Sitoski

I’m so excited to reveal the first blurb/review for Just Leaves, written by Richard-Yves Sitoski, Owen Sound Poet Laureate 2019-2023.

It’s the first written declaration regarding Just Leaves from someone other than me, and I’m grateful that it is from an esteemed colleague.

He’ll be reading poetry at my book launch in June, but you find him on stage even sooner! He will be performing his one-person show Butterfly Tongue June 8 and 10 at Grey Roots Museum and Archives. Info and tickets at:

“In Just Leaves, Lauren Best comes to grips with words as emotional vehicles in all their mutability, a task more challenging than catching minnows with bare fingers. The process can be frightening, requiring the exposure of vulnerabilities, but Best is categorical: there must be ‘no story left unturned’. She also knows what counts: compassion, caring, curiosity and creativity are at the heart of her practice as a cultural worker, and she brings these to her exploration of inner states as much as to her conclusions on poetry itself. Her reckoning with the trickiness of language leads to some exciting conclusions, such as that ‘letters don’t / make sounds / with dependable angles’. Perhaps the strongest part of the book is the section entitled Kitchen, which explores recipes at once as instructions to be followed and also as complex narratives in themselves, containing intricate (often bewildering) histories. Most significantly, recipes possess emergent properties: recipes are greater than the sum of their instructions, as they physically bring together disparate things—things often sourced from places that are worlds apart in time and space—to create new wholes greater than the sum of their parts. Equally rewarding is fire side (late watch), Best’s extended and wide-ranging meditations during an all-night vigil. This is not a dark night of the soul, but a reckoning with the self, between the self and an unnamed addressee, and between the self and the outside world. The conclusion of this section comes with a categorical demand that could stand for the entire book’s thesis: the only way to read and express the universe is through poetry.”

Richard-Yves Sitoski, Owen Sound Poet Laureate 2019-2023

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