I am so glad to share this conversation with Chris Herbert from MI6 Agency on his podcast, The Rural Entrepreneur. We sat down to talk creative entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience. I’ve been enjoying listening to local voices on his show, and I can’t wait to see where he takes it as it quickly becomes a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, leaders, and community builders alike. I was so glad to be featured on the show and share perspectives on navigating life, business, and building a career as an interdisciplinary artist. I talk integrative voice coaching, collaborative community music, and what I have learned by researching my great-grandmother’s writing for my latest performance poetry creation project.

About the Episode

In this podcast episode, Chris sits down with artist and entrepreneur Lauren Best to explore her multifaceted journey in the arts and entrepreneurship over the past six years.

Lauren shares heartfelt stories, including the inspiring influences of her grandmother and great-grandmother, and how their legacies have shaped her path. She also delves into her recent projects, which span poetry, music, and community initiatives, offering a glimpse into her world where creativity meets entrepreneurship.

The conversation is a rich exploration of the transformative power of music, the joy of community collaboration, and the learnings from her entrepreneurial journey, offering listeners a deep dive into the life and philosophies of a passionate artist and entrepreneur.

The Rural Entrepreneur Podcast