I was quoted in a recent article in Collingwood Today, talking about entrepreneurship and voice coaching at a great event put on by Georgian Bay Accelerator.

I’ve felt strongly about the benefits of music for years- anyone who knows me would say it’s something I’m passionate about. I’m also a believer in the impact of supporting creative entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world, creating connections and caring for our communities in ways that are regenerative and responsible.

I especially believe that entrepreneurs and anyone who is impact or mission driven, looking to make the world a better place, can improve their effectiveness and experience with music. In fact, I think that any professional that isn’t using music- and specifically voicework- as a part of their toolkit for wellbeing is missing out. Those who are creative as part of how they make their money can use music to become better innovators, collaborators, and creators.

We want to impress others with our rockstar vibes, do something that helps us tap into our own power, respect a journey towards self-mastery… but we don’t want to quit and fail and give up, and we don’t want it to take too much time or effort.

Music gives back to us for a lifetime, and we can compound our creative investments by inputting energy and heart. We can be strategic.

Our voice is essential to our communication, it’s a gateway to our heart and soul, it’s a cognitive challenge and nurturing practice that strengthens our mind and spirit. It’s an acrobatic movement within our bodies, innate and intimate, that allows us to build our self-awareness and self-actualization, to be able to connect with others, to raise our voices in song and rise to the occasion when it’s music making time!

Just a few of the reasons why I’m passionate about voice coaching. I get fired up about helping people who make impact, with tools and strategies for a joyful long-lived career and a thriving ecology of creative practices.

If this sounds like you want to talk to me, please get in touch!