I’m planning something special for World Creativity and Innovation Day…
and also to celebrate Poetry Month 2023.
I’m doing a pop-up celebration series on IG Live!

9am EST
Poetry Reading and Creative Voice Practices (I’ll be sharing poetry, and then leading creative practices focused on singing and embodiment inspired by ACE Voice including some of personal favourite ways to have fun)

10am EST
Q&A with my poetry book designer
(we talk self-publishing, collaborating with other creatives, and working across different art forms- she’s also an experienced video editor!)

PLUS surprise evening improvisation: movement, poetry, music in collaboration with Adela of Wildflower Dance Arts
(yes, live collaborative improv.. watch for us after 8pm EST)

Catch all of these with me on IG Live @bylaurenbest
Have a question for the Q&A? Something you hope to see during the voice creative practices? Connect with me and let me know!