Hey podcasters! I made something for you.

The reason I’m here? Your voice matters.

Podcasters, I’m talking to you. You use your voice to connect with others, but do you connect with your own voice?

Through ACE Voice for Podcasting, I guide personal development entrepeneurs to power up their voice & elevate their impact.

It’s based on what I’ve tried and tested in my own pressure-cooker performance experiences and professional practice. My approach is informed by my own search for harmonious wellbeing and strategic clarity that respects my innate intuition, embodied cognition, and cyclic wisdom.

I haven’t always felt clarity & flow when using my voice and I’ve had plenty of cringe- even frustrated tears and murky doubt about my own self-expression (and career!)

A glimpse into more about me…

I’m a mother and nature lover, living where the Pottawatomi River meets Georgian Bay.
I started my arts facilitation business in Owen Sound over 6 years ago, inspired by social enterprises and impact entrepreneurs. I’m an interdisciplinary creative interweaving years of professional community practice as a poet, musician, and composer.

I’m also a podcaster and longtime integrative voice coach!

I’m rolling out a new 1:1 program that empowers podcasters to shine with voicework and mindful creativity. I developed my signature method, ACE Voice for Podcasting, through over a decade coaching voices and facilitating creative transformation.

Right now, while I’m getting ready to open the doors to the full program, I have something special up for grabs! I’m offering a limited number of gift sessions for personal development entrepreneurs who use podcasting to connect with clients and collaborators.

This is for:

🔊 coaches & mentors
🔊 health & wellness practitioners
🔊 people who help others with content related to mindfulness, mindset, somatics, embodiment, resilience, adaptability, etc.
🔊 YOU if you feel drawn to explore the potential of podcasting and the power of your voice

This includes those who want to use their voice on podcasts and are just getting started. The full program is for people with some podcasting experience already, but these single session gifts are open to beginners. Don’t wait to claim your spot! These gift sessions are going to get scooped up.

I’d love some help spreading the word to reach more purpose-driven changework entrepreneurs. Thank you in advance!

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Interview on Sounds of Encouragement Podcast!

From part one of my interview on Sounds of Encouragement podcast with Melissa Slocum.

This episode gets meta as we contemplate messaging and impact. We go deep with big questions, but also touch into real examples from our lives and actionable encouragement. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and more questions you might have about. Want to know more about creative entrepreneurship? Voice coaching? Designing for creative processes that are both strategic and authentically emergent? Navigating an arts career with a home based business and family with young children? I want to know what you want to know.

Here, I share about how I learned to make tough decisions with intuition and courage. It’s taken trial and error, and honestly healing and growth, to feel grounded and energized. I’m creating a future through both aligned generative action and also by discernment and saying no: discontinuing, disrupting, removing myself and making strategic changes to protect my energy, expand possibilities, nurture the unfolding of my success.

I talk about encouragement for creatives with non-traditional career journeys, transitions in business, life-changing healing and recovery.

I’m grateful for the platform to have these discussions and connect with other creatives. Please check out the show and follow along with Melissa’s impactful work


Part I

Part II

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Where to buy Just Leaves

Order signed print copies Just Leaves directly from me, with free Canada-wide shipping!

Buy digital directly and save 20% for the rest of 2023. Download a high-quality digital edition now and support Lauren directly:

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Ship to Canada: Order signed print copies Just Leaves directly from me, with free Canada-wide shipping!

Ship to USA: Buy Just Leaves

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Podcast Interview on The Rural Entrepreneur

I am so glad to share this conversation with Chris Herbert from MI6 Agency on his podcast, The Rural Entrepreneur. We sat down to talk creative entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience. I’ve been enjoying listening to local voices on his show, and I can’t wait to see where he takes it as it quickly becomes a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, leaders, and community builders alike. I was so glad to be featured on the show and share perspectives on navigating life, business, and building a career as an interdisciplinary artist. I talk integrative voice coaching, collaborative community music, and what I have learned by researching my great-grandmother’s writing for my latest performance poetry creation project.

About the Episode

In this podcast episode, Chris sits down with artist and entrepreneur Lauren Best to explore her multifaceted journey in the arts and entrepreneurship over the past six years.

Lauren shares heartfelt stories, including the inspiring influences of her grandmother and great-grandmother, and how their legacies have shaped her path. She also delves into her recent projects, which span poetry, music, and community initiatives, offering a glimpse into her world where creativity meets entrepreneurship.

The conversation is a rich exploration of the transformative power of music, the joy of community collaboration, and the learnings from her entrepreneurial journey, offering listeners a deep dive into the life and philosophies of a passionate artist and entrepreneur.

The Rural Entrepreneur Podcast
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Signed copies of Just Leaves at Ginger Press in Owen Sound!

I am grateful to the Ginger Press for being the first independent bookstore to carry my book of poetry, Just Leaves.

You can find this stack of signed copies in Downtown Owen Sound!

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Checking out my great-grandmother’s dissertation from the library

Holding my great-grandmother's Ph D sociology dissertation in front of the Owen Sound Library.

5 years ago, I had a hunch I wanted to do a project involving my great-grandmother’s writing.
I didn’t realize I could just request her 1937 PhD dissertation as an interlibrary loan from the university, and have it waiting on the hold shelf at the local public library. It’s on The Changing Family In India, and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion in my research.

I picked it up today, finally. How long awaited, to have this physical copy in my hands.

This is part of my research for my performance poetry project Child in the Mist. I will be working with her 1933 parenting handbook to produce new poetry with sound art, thanks to funding from the Ontario Arts Council.

Reading her research and voice as a sociologist regarding the changing family in India will provide much-needed context. She had raised her own children primarily in India, and taught at Indore Christian College (and was later principal).
It’s a treasure trove for me at this stage of my research.
I’m incredibly grateful to have access to this as part of my process.

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Just Leaves Audiobook available now!

Just Leaves is now available at your favourite audiobook retailers!

Click to go to the retailer for purchase. Don’t forget to give a 5 star review if you enjoy the audiobook!

NOOK Audiobooks
Google Play

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Just Leaves purchase link for US

American poetry lovers, here’s your link to buy Just Leaves on Amazon:

Buy Just Leaves by Lauren Best

This link gives me a wee bit of commission. Thanks for your support!

Click here for the Canadian purchase link.

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Voice coaching minis at Choir Camp!

Public booking is now open for voice coaching mini sessions!

In collaboration with Choir Camp 2023, I’m offering 25 minute voice coaching sessions. These will take place July 10-14 mornings, in person at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Owen Sound.

Voice coaching mini sessionsn for one week only. Lauren Best performing poetry and music live.

Personalized support for your voice & creative practice:

  • spice up your singing
  • improve your performance skills
  • troubleshoot challenges
  • learn new tools
  • get feedback that you can implement right away, and next steps to take with you

This is a special, one-week only opportunity with sliding scale pricing. My goal is to reach as many singers as I can, so please help me spread the word about this sing-a-thon!

Lauren Best performing poetry and music live. She is holding a mic, looking at the audience.
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ACE Voice celebrates one year of impact!

Lauren Best holding cupcake celebrating

ACE Voice Method is my signature voice program.

It turns 1 today.

It’s been a whole year of seeing this thing I’ve created out in the wild, interacting with human beings with unique voices, and I’m proud of the results. I’m passionate about the possibilities.

To celebrate ACE Voice, I’m offering a special bonus to anyone who signs up for my 3-month 1:1 mentorship program before the end of June: an exclusive 70 minute Voice Wellness session with me.

My clients always gain tools and awareness to better use music and voice skills to support their wellbeing. I get tons of positive feedback about those aspects of voicework. Mental health and whole-person wellbeing is near and dear to my heart, so I decided to offer this extra session just to focus on Voice Wellness.

Luxuriously paced, deliciously nourishing self-care.

Time reserved for clients to support their vocal health as they glow up their creative power, and experience the beneficial ways music soothes, restores, and revitalizes us.

(You know where to find me to learn more)

I’m honoured to do what I do. This stuff altered my trajectory and my everyday experience, that’s why I keep going and won’t shut up about it.

My client said it best: “The benefits are life altering”.

It took me years of building my own voice, my own creative clarity, my own professional practice.

15+ years of challenges, duelling with discomfort, facing fears, stumbling but never stopping because I want to create more opportunities for other people to sing and feel fulfilled by self-expression.

For over a decade I’ve been voice coaching people from all walks of life, learning from world-class facilitators and teachers, and grappling with the problems often seen in traditional music education.

A year ago, I knew it was time to call out clearly to those who are looking for someone like me, and that’s why I reopened my 1:1 voice coaching practice with Aligned Creative Embodiment as my signature method.

I hoped to describe how I worked in a way that would inspire those who dream of spirited singing, those who want to express themselves with ease, those who are driven to make impact in the world with creativity and caring.

I provide integrated support for your creative voice as it works and plays in your mind, body, and soul:

  •  to journey inwards to unlock your innate musicality and creative edge
  •  to explore new possibilities and create lasting change
  •  to connect with others through creativity- whatever that means to you, for the reasons that are important to you

It’s how I help my clients have intuitive, expansive learning that opens up creative possibilities on a journey that they love.

The results speak for themselves:

  • I see clients joyfully expressing themselves, confidently singing, growing as musicians and inspired to share.
  • I see bountiful creative processes that nourish the creator and impact the world.
  • I see my people speaking courageously in ways that inspire others, becoming more effective facilitators, practicing collaborative skills, putting their efforts into developing rewarding professional practices that impact their communities.
  • I see my clients creating strategic creative plans for themselves that are full of so much caring, so much thoughtful choice to value themselves and their dreams, value the way they touch the world and the way they steward their energy.

I’m glad I’ve stuck with it, and tended and watered this idea until it grew into something that is blooming, resounding with hope, calling out opportunity to collaboratively create a better world together.

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